Bayonne-based quintet THE RODEO IDIOT ENGINE have been nothing but unstoppable since their very first steps in 2009, tirelessly sculpting a signature sound torn between the most abrasive sides of chaotic hardcore, post-metal or screamo. After gaining a growing reputation all over Europe due to their 250 staggering, seizure-inducing live shows, the band returned to Amaury Sauvé’s studio in Laval during summer 2015 to track "Malaise", their third full-length and follow-up to 2013's "Consequences".

While most acts tend to soften with age, the band's work has only become darker over the years. Opener "Le Parfum" sets the tone, with merciless, spasmodic rhythms morphing into bleak, slow-paced heaviness and emotionally-charged vocals screamed to the breaking point. From the straight-up barrage of grinding yet melodic tracks ("Carrying Icons", "Final Relief") to more downtempo, menacing ones ("Syngue Sabour", "Thousand Of Nails"), "Malaise" is a dense album with rich atmospheres and structures. On these nine tracks THE RODEO IDIOT ENGINE's trademark sound has turned more expressive, resulting in nothing but the band’s strongest material to date.


MALAISE (2015)










Fri 15 Apr - Torino (IT)

Sat 16 Apr - Cakovec (CR)

Sun 17 Apr - Sofia (BG)

Mon 18 Apr - Ioannina (GR)

Tue 19 Apr - Thessaloniki (GR)

Wed 20 Apr - Athens (GR)

Thu 21 Apr - Karditsa (GR)

Fri 22 Apr - Xanthi (GR)

Sat 23 Apr - Skopje (MK)

Sun 24 Apr - Bucharest (RO)

Mon 25 Apr - Cluj Napoca (RO)

Tue 26 Apr - Budapest (HU)

Wed 27 Apr - Vezsprem (HU)

Thu 28 Apr - Sered (SK)

Sat 30 Apr - Berlin (DE)

Fri 25 May - Donosti (EH) w/ Urugl, Mustamakkara

Fri 09 Nov - Gaztetxe, Oñati (EH) w/ Revolta Permanent


Fri 29 Jan - Atabal, Biarritz (EH) w/ J.C.Satan, Monarch & Naizroxa

Thu 07 Apr - Arrebato, Zaragoza (ES) w/ Grand Détour

Fri 08 Apr - Disgraça, Lisboa (PT)

Sat 09 Apr - New Capac, Madrid (ES)

Sun 10 Apr - Xurrut, Gorliz (EH) w/ Drei Affen

Sun 20 Nov - Petit Bain, Paris (FR) w/ Oathbreaker, WIFE

Mon 21 Nov - Canadian Café, Tours (FR) 

Tue 22 Nov - Le Ferailleur, Nantes (FR) w/ Oathbreaker, WIFE

Wed 23 Nov - IBOAT, Bordeaux (FR) w/ Oathbreaker, WIFE

Thu 24 Nov - Atabal, Biarritz (EH) w/ Oathbreaker, WIFE


Sat 28 Feb - Salle Emeraude, Bressuire (FR) w/ Trepalium

Fri 20 Apr - Izar Beltz Ateneoa, Bilbo (EH) 

Sat 21 Apr - Atabal, Biarritz (EH) w/ Anestesia

Wed 13 May - Pavillons Sauvages, Toulouse (FR) w/ Plebeian Grandstand 

Thu 14 May - Throatruiner Fest - Glazart, Paris (FR) 

Fri 15 May - Throatruiner Fest - Molodoi, Strasbourg (FR) 

Sat 16 May - Raymond Bar, Clermont Ferrand (FR) w/ Plebeian Grandstand 

Fri 4 Jun - Toxoplasmose Festival, Sonviller (CH)

Fri 04 Dec - Heretic Club, Bordeaux (FR)

Sat 05 Dec - Le Zinor, Montaigu (FR)

Sun 06 Dec - Hipster Café, Rouen (FR)

Mon 07 Dec - Jeugdhuis Job, Ghent (BE)

Tue 08 Dec - ACU, Utrecht (NL)

Wed 09 Dec - La Zone, Liege (BE)

Thu 10 Dec - AK44, Giessen (DE)

Fri 11 Dec - XB-Liebig, Berlin (DE)

Sat 12 Dec - S9, Leipzig (DE)

Sun 13 Dec - Cross Club, Prague (CZ)

Mon 14 Dec - Venster99, Wien (AT)

Tue 15 Dec - Mochvara, Zagreb (HR)

Wed 16 Dec - Centraf, La Chaux-De-Fonds (CH)

Thu 17 Dec -La Salle Gueule, Marseille (FR)

Fri 18 Dec - Kasal de Joves Roquetes , Barcelona (ES)

Sat 19 Dec - Le Saint des Seins, Toulouse (FR)


Wed 28 May - Atabal, Biarritz (EH) w/ Touché Amoré, Birds In Row & No Omega

Fri 27 Jun - La Flèche d’Or, Paris (France) w/ Birds In Row, Plebeian Grandstand, Death Mercedes, Left In Ruins & Providence

Mon 28 July - Le Ferrailleur, Nantes (France) w/ As We Draw & My Answer

Tue 29 July - Hull (UK) w/ Oblivionized

Thu 31 July - The Fenton, Leeds (UK) w/ Oblivionized

Fri 01 August - The Unicorn Camden Live, London (UK) w/ Oblivionized

Sat 02 August - Stuck On A Name Recording Studio, Nottingham (UK) w/ Oblivionized

Sun 03 August - Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar, Brighton (UK) w/ Oblivionized

Mon 04 August - Le Bocal, Caen (France) w/ Tromblon, Cyclamen

Tue 05 August - DNA, Bruxelles (Belgium) w/ Svalbard & Employed To Serve

Wed 06 August - AJZ Chemnitz Kolonnade, Chemnitz (Germany) w/ Svalbard & Employed To Serve

Thu 07 August - Cross Club, Prague (Czech Rep) w/ Mycop, Madame Bovary

Fri 08 August - Kawati, Strasbourg (France) w/ Contwig

Sat 09 August - Grill The Hill Festival, Lausanne (Switzerland) 

Sun 2 Nov - La Machine à Coudre, Marseille (FR) 

Mon 3 Nov - No Cage, Prato (IT) 

Tue 4 Nov - Mocvara, Zagreb (HR) 

Wed 5 Nov - AG Club, Sarajevo (BH) 

Thu 6 Nov - Jet Rock Club, Sofia (BG) 

Fri 7 Nov - Villa Zografou, Athens (GR) 

Sat 8 Nov - Matsaggou Squat, Volos (GR) 

Sun 9 Nov - 66 Crew Club, Thessaloniki (GR)

Mon 10 Nov - Peyote, Istanbul (TR) 

Tue 11 Nov - Chopper Club, Skopje (MK) 

Wed 12 Nov - Klub Fest, Belgrade (SR) 

Thu 13 Nov - Question Mark Club, Bucharest (RO) 

Fri 14 Nov - Rockstadt, Bresov (RO) 

Sat 15 Nov - Irish Music Pub, Cluj Napoca (RO) 

Sun 16 Nov - Kontra Club, Budapest (HU)

Mon 17 Nov - Gromka, Ljubljana (SI) 

Tue 18 Nov - Papperlapapp, Bolzano (IT) 

Wed 19 Nov - Arci Cinciana, Mantova (IT) 


Fri 11 January - Le Volume, Nice (FRANCE) w/ Until The Uprising, Four-O-Five Code

Sat 12 January - CPG, Melzo (ITALY) w/ Filth In My Garage, Fall Of Minerva

Sun 13 January - NoLogo, Laives, Bolzano (ITALY) w/ Back Again, Requisiti di Potenza

Mon 14 January - Tavorna Rog, Ljubljana (SLOVENIA) 

Tue 15 January - Medika, Zagreb (CROATIA) w/ Gods Of Chaos

Wed 16 January - Underground, Tuzla (BOSNIA) w/ Deer In The Headlights

Thu 17 January - CK13, Novi Sad (SERBIA) w/ Deer In The Headlights

Fri 18 January - !NEW YEAR’S CVRSE FEST! - SZABAD AZ Á, Budapest (HUNGARY)

Sat 19 January - Sub, Graz (AUSTRIA) w/ Ähmm

Mon 21 January - Bublina, Bohumin (CZECH REP) w/ The Sin Of Lilith, Genital Destruction

Tue 22 January - Kawiarnia Naukowa, Krakow (POLAND) w/ NOFA, WHITECLAUDIA

Wed 23 January - Wats Club, Holesov (CZECH REP) 

Thu 24 January - Rychta, Sokolov (CZECH REP) w/ Velo

Fri 25 January - AK44, Giessen (GERMANY) w/ Patsy O’Hara & more

Sat 26 January - St Imier (SWITZERLAND) w/ Elizabeth

Tue 29 January - Trokson, Lyon (FRANCE) w/ Michel Anoia

Wed 30 January - Mojomatic, Montpellier (FRANCE) w/ Birds In Row, Sugartown Cabaret, Aussitot Mort

Sat 16 March - Bistrot St So, Lille (FRANCE) w/ Selenites, The Lumberjack Feedback & Oruga

Sun 17 March - Hangover Sunday #20, Purple Turtle, London (UK) w/ Selenites, Agonyst, Hogslayer…

Mon 18 March - Broadcast, Glasgow (UK) w/ Selenites, WheelchairWheelchairWheelchairWheelchair & Don’t Hold Your Breath

Wed 20 March - Santiago, Leeds (UK) w/ Palm Reader, Selenites & Catharsis

Thu 21 March - Boston Music Rooms, London (UK) w/ Lost Gravity, Channel Five News

Mon 8 April - Villa Oetinger, Darmstadt (GERMANY) w/ The Prestige and The Brutal Deceiver

Tue 9 April - Subway to Peter, Chemnitz (GERMANY) w/ The Prestige and The Brutal Deceiver

Thu 11 April - Small Opera Club, Kiev (UKRAINE)

Fri 12 April - Kinderbund club, Donetsk (UKRAINE)

Sat 13 April - Marks club, Voljsky (RUSSIA)

Sun 14 April - Kirpichi club, Tol’yatti (RUSSIA)

Mon 15 April - Rock’s Cafe club, Ufa (RUSSIA)

Wed 17 April - Ozz club, Chelyabinsk (RUSSIA)

Thu 18 April - CityStudio club, Izhevsk (RUSSIA)

Sat 20 April - Mozart club, Ivanovo (RUSSIA)

Sun 21 April -  Ulitka club, St Petersbourg (RUSSIA) w/ Euglena

Mon 22 April - Lepakkomies, Turku (FINLAND) w/ Downfall Of Gaia

Tue 23 April - Pub Port Arthur, Helsinki (FINLAND) w/ Downfall Of Gaia

Wed 24 April - IOGT-Huset I Skarp, Stockholm (SWEDEN) w/ Downfall Of Gaia

Thu 25 April - Larmcentralen, Copenhagen (DENMARK) w/ Märesvin, No Fealty, Eglise, Piss Vortex & Ajuna

Fri 26 April - Konfus, Esbjerg (DENMARK) w/ No Omega & This Gift Is A Curse

Sat 27 April - Smile, Liege (BELGIUM)

Thu 09 May - Sentinel Rock Club, Bilbo (EUSKAL HERRI) w/ Meido

Fri 10 May - C.S.A Los Antiguos Almacenes de la Mina, Udias (SPAIN)

Sun 12 May - Sala A Reserva, Carballo (SPAIN) 

Mon 13 May - El Frenopatiko, Vigo (SPAIN) 

Tue 14 May - Casaviva, Oporto (PORTUGAL) 

Wed 15 May - Sala The Class, Gijon (SPAIN)

Thu 16 May - Rock Palace, Madrid (SPAIN) w/ This Thing Called Life & Forzuda

Fri 04 Oct - La Bouée, Paris (FRANCE) w/ Jungbluth, Afterlife Kids, Gazers & Hyëna

Sat 05 Oct - Atabal, Biarritz (EH) - ALBUM RELEASE PARTY w/ Infest, Madeleine, Viva Bazooka

Mon 07 Oct - Le Saint des Seins, Toulouse (FRANCE) w/ Xibalba, Hierophant

Fri 18 Oct - Le Celtic Pub, Tarbes (FRANCE) w/ Deadly Whispers

Sat 19 Oct - Heretic Club, Bordeaux (FRANCE) w/ Selenites

Sun 20 Oct - Josette Bar, Poitiers (FRANCE) w/ The Phantom Carriage

Mon 21 Oct - L’Antr2, Laval (FRANCE) w/ The Brutal Deceiver, The Prestige

Tue 22 Oct - L’Ecluse, Reims (FRANCE) w/ Anorak

Wed 23 Oct - Red Club, Metz (FRANCE) w/ Anunaki & Warfaith 

Thu 24 Oct - Le Chapeau Rouge, Troyes (FRANCE) w/ Nesseria & Apostat

Fri 25 Oct - Black Sheep, Montpellier (FRANCE) w/ Anorak & Horror Vacui

Fri 22 Nov - CPG, Melzo (ITALY) w/ Give her the blues, Rise above dead

Sat 23 Nov - e20 Underground, Vicenza (ITALY) w/ Fall of Minerva & more


Mon 25 Nov - Vegalite, Brno (CZECH REP) w/ Got A Wolf, Morsa

Tue 26 Nov - Plan B Hardcore Café, Ostrava (CZECH REP) w/ Got A Wolf 


Thu 28 Nov - Kulturcafé, Leipzig (GERMANY) w/ Afterlife Kids & Oaken Heart

Fri 29 Nov - AK44, Giessen (GERMANY) w/ Left In Ruins, Afterlife Kids, Deuil, Human Compost, The Tragedy We Live In & Henry Fonda

Sat 30 Nov -  JUZE Plochingen, Stuttgart (GERMANY) w/ Serial Mistakes & I am Omega 


Wed 14 March - Saint Des Seins, Toulouse (FRANCE) w /  I Pilot Daemon

Sat 17 March - Centre Social Bernia, Benissa (SPAIN) w/ Dead In Montana & Mal Roïn

Fri 23 March - Heretic Club, Bordeaux , (FRANCE) Brah Brah Gaua

Sat 24 March - Hurricane Café, Tours (FRANCE) w /  Beyond The Styx

Sat 31 March - Gaztetxea, Donapaleu (EH)

Sat 7 April - Kixkil Ostatua, Baiona (EH) w / Stuntman

Fri 20 April - Bar La Haute Croix, Orléans (FRANCE) w /  Buried At Sea, Break These Shackles & Merge

Sat 21 April - AK44, Giessen (GERMANY) w /  Le Dead Projet, Unrest & Spreading Miasma

Sun 22 April - Proberaumhaus Meschwitzstraße, Dresden (GERMANY) w / Le Dead Projet

Mon 23 April - Dejvická klubovna,  Prague (CZECH REP) w /  Le Dead Projet

Tues 24 April - Plan B Hardcore Café, Ostrava (CZECH REP) w /  Le Dead Projet

Wed 25 April - Venster99, Wien (AUSTRIA) w /  Le Dead Projet

Thurs 26 April - CA Matongee, Parma (ITALY) w /  Le Dead Projet & Damned Spring Fragrantia

Fri 27 April - XM24, Bologna (ITALY) w /  Le Dead Projet & SFC

Sat 28 April - Le Trokson, Lyon (ITALY) w /  Le Dead Projet & Belladone 

Sun 29 April - Le Mojomatic, Montpellier (FRANCE) w /  Le Dead Projet & Oma

Mon 30 April - Begood, Barcelona (SPAIN) w /  Le Dead Projet

Tue 01 May - Mogambo, Donostia (EH) w / Le Dead Projet

Sat 16 June - HellFest, (FRANCE) w/ Refused, Amenra, Celeste, Year Of No Light…

Sun 22 July - Fluff Fest Open Stage (CZECH REP)

Mon 23 July - Immerhin, Wuerzburg (GERMANY) w/ Hil Aiari

Tue 24 July - Sssweet, Kolding (DENMARK) 

Wed 25 July - Kraftwerket, Copenhagen (DENMARK) w/ Whorls

Thu 26 July - Schokoladen, Berlin (GERMANY) w/ After Life Kids

Sat 28 July - Rodeofest, Antwerp (BELGIUM)

Sun 29 July - La Cantine de Belleville, Paris (FRANCE) w/ Quartier Rouge & ((remote))

Tue 31 July - L’Atabal, Biarritz (EH) w/ Suicidal Tendencies

Sat 25 August - Yell Fest, Chambalon (FRANCE) w/ Verdun, Neige Morte…

Sat 01 December - La Cantine de Belleville, Paris (FRANCE) w/ Divider & Le Dead Projet

Sun 02 December - Le Garage, Creative Music, Liege (BELGIUM) w/ Divider & Pretty Pretty Betty

Mon 03 December - Antwerp (BELGIUM) w/ Divider

Tue 04 December - Kulturrampe, Krefeld (GERMANY) w/ Divider, Continents & Pretty In Newport

Wed 05 December - Cafe Extase, Tilburg (NETHERLANDS) w/ Divider & Witness The Fall

Thu 06 December -  Tiefgrund, Berlin (GERMANY) w/ Divider & Galvano 

Fri 07 December - Atari, Leipzig (GERMANY) w/ Divider

Sat 08 December - H**S, Kassel (GERMANY) w/ Divider

Sun 09 December - AK44, Giessen (GERMANY) w/ Divider & Agony And Scream

Mon 10 December - Molodoï, Strasbourg (FRANCE) w/ Divider & Boar

Tue 11 December - Canadian Café, Tours (FRANCE) 

Fri 14 December - Kixkil Ostatua, Baiona (EH) w/ DJ Brah Brah!


01 March - Heretic Club, Bordeaux (FRANCE) w/ Kruger, Abraham

25 March - DZG, Donibane Lohitzune (EH) w/ Mendeku Itxua

12 March - Le Zic Zinc, Limoges (FRANCE) w/ Barbarian Koala

01 April - Atabal, Biarritz (EH) w/ Punish Yourself, Willis Drummond

14 April - Secret Place, Montpellier (FRANCE) w/ Selenites, Verdun

16 April - Meltin’Pop, Arona (ITALY) w/ Arottenbit

17 April - Menza Pri Koritu, Ljubljana (SLOVENIA) w/ Nadja, Monsanto Killers, Galena

18 April - Medika, Zagreb (CROATIA) w/ Monsanto Killers, Seppuku

19 April - Bogota Café, Ostrava (CZECH REP) w/ I Survided Cremation, Prugelknabe, Trashearth

20 April - Cross Club, Prague (CZECH REP) w/ Le Dead Projet

21 April - Wats, Holesov (CZECH REP) w/ Le Dead Projet

22 April - Jazzrock Café, Cheb (CZECH REP) w/ Drag Me Pissed

07 May - Pavillon 108, Fumel (FRANCE) w/ Gerda

08 May - Kixkil, Baiona (EH) w/ Gerda

13 May - Kortxoenea, Donostia (EH) w/ Burne, Pord

27 May - Putzuzulo, Zarautz (EH) w/ Gamora, Achtung

04 June - Scream At The Sun Fest, Bordeaux (FRANCE) w/ Celeste, Khuda, I Am A Curse, Robot Orchestra, Aussitot Mort, Pneu, Vitamin X, Reflections Of Internal Rain…

02 July - EHZ, Heleta (EH) w/ I AM, Tiken Jah Fakoly, Shaka Ponk, Chinese Man, La Phaze…

28 August - Bestak, Guéthary (EH) 

22 October - Highlands Café, Rouen (FRANCE) w/ Donkey Punch, Pal, Stuntman, The Phantom Carriage

28 October - Celtic Pub, Tarbes (FRANCE) w/ I Pilot Daemon

18 November - L’Atabal, Biarritz (EH) w/ The Enterprise, Kuma No Motor

19 November - Queens Bar, Laval (FRANCE) w/ As We Draw

10 December - Sala A Reserva, Carballo (SPAIN) w/ Hongo, Bulldozer, Lulu Y Los Canibales

11 December - Antiguos Almacenes De La Mina, La Gandara (SPAIN) w/ Carontte

16 December - Caravan Serail, Toulouse (FRANCE) w/ Birds In Row, Ancre


02 April - DZG, Donibane Lohitzune (EH) w/ Islaia, Tud

16 April - Heretic Club, Bordeaux (FRANCE) w/ Last Tango Theatre, Follow The Fury

23 April - Kixkil, Baiona (EH) w/ Down To Earth

24 April - CC Grand Ecrin, Malesherbes (FRANCE) w/ JHAG, Nix, Proletaria, EB

25 April - La Campine, Antwerp (BELGIUM) w/ King Terror, Daybreak, Viaje A800

26 April - Villa De Koop, Den Haag (NETHERLANDS) w/ Burne

27 April - Why Not, Dudelange (LUXEMBOURG) w/ Burne, Retrace My Fragments

29 April - Up & Down, Montpellier (FRANCE) w/ Denizen

30 April - Le Volume, Nice (FRANCE) w/ Dismo, Uncle Mosh

01 May - Le Saint Des Seins, Toulouse (FRANCE) w/ Selenites, Arkeus

29 May - La Miroiterie, Paris (FRANCE) w/ Eibon, Fanny’s Your Aunt, Panda Valium

13 June - Mogambo, Pasaia (EH) w/ Madeleine, Shitbox

20 June - Hammered Fest, Guardetxe, Donosti (EH) w/ Cohen, Forus, Yaw, Krilin, Madeleine, Wayne, Marvin, The Hostile, Defectos Comunes

05 August - Plage, Angelu (EH) w/ Funkemen, Dup Paire Cul

10 September - Bota Gaztetxea, Donaixti (EH) w/ Plebeian Grandstand

11 September - Celtic Pub, Tarbes (FRANCE) w/ Plebeian Grandstand

18 September - Heretic Club, Bordeaux (FRANCE) w/ Celeste, Alceste, When Icarus Falls

30 October - Metal “O” Ween, Les Halles, Hendaia (EH) w/ Infest, Impio, Silent Opera, Dominium, Cylenchar, Northaya

13 November - DZG, Donibane Lohitzune (EH) w/ Naizroxa, Repuls, Xutik

26 November - Kixkil, Baiona (EH) w/ Nesseria

20 December - Skate Parka, Bera (EH) w/ Madeleine, Dama


21 August - DZG, Donibane Lohitzune (EH) w/ Sorotan Babies

11 September - Kixkil, Baiona (EH) w/ Twstr, Totem